Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Being in Logan for the summer has been fantastic. Though I miss my family I have had a really great experience living here over the summer. I have been able to work hard and make a little bit of money. I have been making new friends with people in my new ward. But something really cool is I have been able to get really close to my roommates. When the three of us decided we wanted to live together I was pretty sure that i would be the third wheel of the group. They had already lived together and we had only become really close in the past few months. I shortly found out that we get along much better than I could have ever hoped for. We are doing things together and sharing our experiences. I really have found some awesome friends this summer that I hope to keep for the rest of the school year.

So let me give you an update of what my summer has contained of. One is that I have tried to stay outside as much as possible. I have been to porcupine damn and gone swimming and cliff diving. Up to Idaho to the narrows where i tubed down a pretty awesome river. Had several fires up the canyon. Reading books at the park a couple of blocks from my apartment. And even hit up a couple of hikes around Logan canyon as well. Still haven't made it up to Bear Lake but I have a feeling it will come. I also have been doing a lot of dancing. A local Fun center hosts country dancing Wednesday nights and me and my friends like to go dance around till all hours of the night. Though I am still learning. I love learning new moves and getting flipped around. This summer I have also started to get better at my guitar skills. I have always wanted to play and with an awesome roommate that lets me use her guitar I have gotten a lot better. Still not to the point i could be but not too bad. The month of July has been filled with a whole lot of fireworks. I think I can count at least five or six shows I have been to. My friend has also put together an awesome you tube series that I have helped do. It has been really fun though I don't know if I am a big fan of my character but whatever. check it out if you would like
On June 21 I got the opportunity to attend a national housing conference in San Diego on the UC Sand Diego campus. It was a wonderful experience. It was a time for Resident Assistants and officers of the Resident Hall Association (yep it's a huge national organization) can come and share ideas. I even got to present a program about team building. It was also filled with really good food, entertainment and even the beach. I met with all sorts of people from across the nation. One of my favorites was a girl that goes to Oklahoma university. She is a member of the church and is taking a summer semester so the student ward is disassembled. now she goes to a ward with five other sisters in the relief society. There were so many people I was able to meet. The campus was also really interesting. It was huge! It takes almost a half hour to walk from on side to another. I guess I am used to the luxury of USU where I can walk from one side to another in ten minutes. I hop that I can continue to attend these conferences in the future.
It was really exciting to see sterling, Wendy and their kids on the fourth. They are getting so big and energetic. we had a fun weekend.
I hope that the summer continues to be amazing but I also know that school should be good school year. I am going to be jumping into my major but I don't think I will have too many difficult classes so their will be lots of play time I'm sure.

Friday, May 7, 2010

End of another year

Since it's been a while since I have posted anything I decided to give it a try. I have been having a great time in Utah. It has been really fun just to work and some play. I have had great opportunities to just relax. When it was warm I went outside a lot and had a great time laying in the sun. with sunscreen of course. It really has been nice to put my life in perspective.

I have decided to share a few of the things that I have learned in the past few months and after my first two year at college. Some may have stories that I will try to explain.

  • I have been able to learn so much about myself and what I want in the future.

  • I have learned about other people or how you don't know as much as you think you do about others

  • I have learned that you must trust yourself. Don't always listen to those around you listen to your heart.

  • Don't think too much.

  • I learned that talking to people in your classes isn't a crime. I have been working on this for a while I hope that by next semester I can really put this into motion.

  • I have learned that eventually you will not be ill. Currently I am not sick and I hope that it will last all summer long.

  • Getting a job takes A LOT of effort but worth it when it actually happens. And it did for me! I am working as a Receptionist for housing on campus this summer. It is going to be great!

  • Being alone for a lot of your day isn't a horrible thing. In college you have a lot of free time. This time can be spent with roommates and friends. but, especially in the last few weeks, I have found that a walk by yourself can be one of the most refreshing activities.

  • Money is important but not everything.

  • If you are questioning your major change it.

  • Eventually warm weather will come.

  • Volleyball is the best sport to play. I have been playing a lot lately at the church with friends and outside of my apartment. I hope that this great sport becomes a great habit over the next few months.

  • The church is true. I would like to expound on this. i had an excellent institute class this semester where I really got to learn about the Book of Mormon. I haven't had such a strong testimony builder in a while. I hope that my class choice continues to be well.

  • If you have confidence in your job you will succeed. I feel like the last few months have been really exciting just to be able to enjoy my job a little more. I have been given a lot more responsibilities and I am having such a rewarding experience because of them. I have gone back and forth as to weather I want to continue to be an RA next year but right now I am so excited. I am gaining great experience especially in my field. I also get to go to a conference in June in CALIFORNIA. and i get to present a program, it is going to be absolutely amazing!

  • Your family is your best support. I went home for Spring Break this year which I wasn't sure if I wanted to. I am so grateful that I was able to do so. We had a really fun time traveling down to Houston and going to the beach. Cameron was also able to visit me in April. It was fun to be able to show him campus and all of the awesome stuff up here. I don't think he realizes how excited I am for him to come up here next fall.
These are just some life lessons that I have learned. I do go to class as well. I only have two more years left of school and I intend to make the most of them.
Here are some pics of my going ons in the past months.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crazy times

This semester has gone a lot differently than last. First of all it is tons busier. I feel like I just keep running at a crazy passe. This could be due to my new calling as an IWA president. This makes my Wednesdays full of meetings and activities. As well as being called on to help with other stuff around the institute. Also my area at work has two giant programs coming up. Classes are picking up as well. But I guess I should expect that now. I think last semester just didn't seem as bad so it wasn't.

Anyway so the first weekend in February was the IWA spring formal. I took my friend Carlos who I go to all of the Basketball games with. It was his first LDS dance and from what I hear he had a pretty good time. We went to my adviser's house for a delicious dinner and then hit up the dance. We had a really good time that is for sure. I even learned some wicked sweet dance moves.

Also this past week I participated in a fundraiser for Haiti. We designed dares that we would do for each level of money that we made. One of these was if we could make 400 dollars all of the RA's in my area would get Saran wrapped between classes. WE cleared that goal by a good deal so on the 18th of February I was Saran wrapped for a good half hour. It was really fun. A wee bit cold but overall good. We got some strange looks from people but who really cares.

I have been doing all in my power to go to every single Aggie game. It is pretty exciting. We have had a lot of media attention which always gets me excited. We are number one in the WAC. I have high hopes for a third WAC championship. Hopefully this year we can make it past the first round in the NCAA tourney. I really just going to the games and being able to yell really loud. It is quite the stress reliever.

I also am proud to say that I have officially changed my major to Human Resource Management. I feel like I can be that much more successful in this major and I can't wait to get into some of the classes. Its gonna be SWEET!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wow this is wierd

So a few days ago one of my residents got engaged. This girl is 18. Plus my roommate who just turned 18 in August is very close to getting engaged as well. This made me think of two things firstly HOLY CRAP! And secondly how differently my life woudl be right now if I would have gotten married last years sometime. I am thankful that I did not get married. I enjoyed this past summer and it would have been a lot harder if I would of had to stay in Utah with some guy. Also I don't think I would be very prepared. I am still learning so much and want to gain a better testimony on some things. However for those girls that I know that are getting married I am sure that for them it is the right time. I think it is smart to, like Elder Bruce R. McConkie says, “Marry the right person [at the right time], in the right place, [and] by the right authority.” Though I don't really have any plans to get married any time soon it is nice to know that when that time comes I will hopefully feel that it will be under these four situations. I am really excited though to go through the temple in the next few years. Every since I have been little it has been something that I have been striving and preparing for. For now I guess I will just prepare and do my best to be worthy to enter that holy building!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Ah I don't think I could explain how satisfying my life is right now. I just hope it doesn't come crashing down on me anytime soon. So the last few weeks have been incredible. I have been doing better in the class (darn accounting) that I was struggling in (knock on wood). I am currently dating a boy named Jordan Morley. He always makes my day and we have all sorts of fun. I also have gotten a lot closer to my roommates. We have had some sweet bonding time and I look forward to the rest of the year to get to know them better. We have been baking together, drawing on our windows together, and doing random cartwheels together. We have also already started listening to Christmas music already though I think I can only handle it in spurts it is still pretty fun.
So here is a short summary of my last two weeks. So on the Friday before Halloween Jordan took me along with a lot of people in our apartment building to an Improve show in South Ogden. It was costumed so we got all dressed up like Harry Potter and Ginny Weasly wands and all. Kristen helped me make mine. Jordan had not been home in a while so afterwards he went home while I headed back up to Logan. On Halloween me and Sarah (one of my roommates) took a nice fall walk and then later met up with a group of girls in our building to have a scary movie marathon. We watched What lies beneath, The corps Bride, Serendipity(I know it's not a scary movie), and Hide and Seek (Crazy scary). It was way fun! The next Sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting which is always fun. The next weekend consisted of an IWA institute dance with Jordan. It was themed as I spy so we went as undercover college students very creative I know. We also watched Marley and Me...way cute btw. Saturday Emily(another roommate) and I went to the gym and then lunch at the cafeteria. We then cleaned up and went bowling with sarah, her friend, and Jordan. I'm not a good bowler at all but we had fun. We cam back and played apples to apples. That night an awesome basketball game. We killed the team but it was just an exposition game so the next few should be closer. Sunday consisted of church, community nap time, drawing on our window, and taking random pictures around campus. Followed by Emperors new grove and Hot Chocolate.

Its getting colder now but I feel so happy that it doesn't even matter!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New year

Wow I can't believe that it is already almost the end of October. It seems just a few days ago that Dad was dropping me off in my new apartment. I have been enjoying my time here greatly, though things are much different from last year. First of all I get to cook my own food. I love this opportunity though I don't necessary cook many of my meals I love being able to choose what I eat. I also am buying all of my groceries so this helps me choose what I'm going to eat since I'm paying for it. I am also living in an apartment instead of just an old fashioned dorm plus with my RA position I get my own room. I love my roommates. They are way sweet and totally awesome. I really enjoy having members of the church as roommates. Second classes are a lot harder. Though I'll admit I don't think I have been studying any more. I am enjoying them though I feel like they are actually stuff that I will be doing in my career. Thirdly me ward is a whole lot more fun than last year. They are a lot more inclusive and willing to get to know more people than just their neighbors. So yep a lot of changes going on. however one thing has not changed I still love to go to all the games I can. I have been to both home football games and one volleyball game with many more to come hopefully. Some highlights have been I went to Bear lake over labor day weekend it was a lot of fun full of volleyball, water fun, and sand castle making. Homecoming was also lots of fun. I went to a lot of the events going on like donating blood, late night movie, the dance, painting the street and the game. I had a really good time.

Friday, March 27, 2009

March Madness

Think reverse this was my revenge
More Revenge

Playing in the mountain of paper

It was in my bed too!


Sad saran wrap!

Glorifying their accomplishments

So some of my awesome friends have gotten in the habit of pranking me unjustly. It's all in good fun and I get them back but I thought it was something fun to share. On top of this craziness they have also stolen and hid my phone in the fridge, drawrs, and in my bed. Other than that this month has just been full of fun. The NCAA tournament has been fun to watch it would have been better if usu would have lasted longer but oh well we are WAC champions. Also I rented a bike from the bike store so as soon as the snow stops I'll be able to ride all around!