Friday, March 27, 2009

March Madness

Think reverse this was my revenge
More Revenge

Playing in the mountain of paper

It was in my bed too!


Sad saran wrap!

Glorifying their accomplishments

So some of my awesome friends have gotten in the habit of pranking me unjustly. It's all in good fun and I get them back but I thought it was something fun to share. On top of this craziness they have also stolen and hid my phone in the fridge, drawrs, and in my bed. Other than that this month has just been full of fun. The NCAA tournament has been fun to watch it would have been better if usu would have lasted longer but oh well we are WAC champions. Also I rented a bike from the bike store so as soon as the snow stops I'll be able to ride all around!

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White's said...

That's so funny! You got them back then? Looks like your having fun. Don't forget to do your homework too!