Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Being in Logan for the summer has been fantastic. Though I miss my family I have had a really great experience living here over the summer. I have been able to work hard and make a little bit of money. I have been making new friends with people in my new ward. But something really cool is I have been able to get really close to my roommates. When the three of us decided we wanted to live together I was pretty sure that i would be the third wheel of the group. They had already lived together and we had only become really close in the past few months. I shortly found out that we get along much better than I could have ever hoped for. We are doing things together and sharing our experiences. I really have found some awesome friends this summer that I hope to keep for the rest of the school year.

So let me give you an update of what my summer has contained of. One is that I have tried to stay outside as much as possible. I have been to porcupine damn and gone swimming and cliff diving. Up to Idaho to the narrows where i tubed down a pretty awesome river. Had several fires up the canyon. Reading books at the park a couple of blocks from my apartment. And even hit up a couple of hikes around Logan canyon as well. Still haven't made it up to Bear Lake but I have a feeling it will come. I also have been doing a lot of dancing. A local Fun center hosts country dancing Wednesday nights and me and my friends like to go dance around till all hours of the night. Though I am still learning. I love learning new moves and getting flipped around. This summer I have also started to get better at my guitar skills. I have always wanted to play and with an awesome roommate that lets me use her guitar I have gotten a lot better. Still not to the point i could be but not too bad. The month of July has been filled with a whole lot of fireworks. I think I can count at least five or six shows I have been to. My friend has also put together an awesome you tube series that I have helped do. It has been really fun though I don't know if I am a big fan of my character but whatever. check it out if you would like
On June 21 I got the opportunity to attend a national housing conference in San Diego on the UC Sand Diego campus. It was a wonderful experience. It was a time for Resident Assistants and officers of the Resident Hall Association (yep it's a huge national organization) can come and share ideas. I even got to present a program about team building. It was also filled with really good food, entertainment and even the beach. I met with all sorts of people from across the nation. One of my favorites was a girl that goes to Oklahoma university. She is a member of the church and is taking a summer semester so the student ward is disassembled. now she goes to a ward with five other sisters in the relief society. There were so many people I was able to meet. The campus was also really interesting. It was huge! It takes almost a half hour to walk from on side to another. I guess I am used to the luxury of USU where I can walk from one side to another in ten minutes. I hop that I can continue to attend these conferences in the future.
It was really exciting to see sterling, Wendy and their kids on the fourth. They are getting so big and energetic. we had a fun weekend.
I hope that the summer continues to be amazing but I also know that school should be good school year. I am going to be jumping into my major but I don't think I will have too many difficult classes so their will be lots of play time I'm sure.


Doris said...

Glad you finally updated and wrote about your summer! Thanks for sharing and by the way its San Diego not Sand :)!

Lingshan said...

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