Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wow this is wierd

So a few days ago one of my residents got engaged. This girl is 18. Plus my roommate who just turned 18 in August is very close to getting engaged as well. This made me think of two things firstly HOLY CRAP! And secondly how differently my life woudl be right now if I would have gotten married last years sometime. I am thankful that I did not get married. I enjoyed this past summer and it would have been a lot harder if I would of had to stay in Utah with some guy. Also I don't think I would be very prepared. I am still learning so much and want to gain a better testimony on some things. However for those girls that I know that are getting married I am sure that for them it is the right time. I think it is smart to, like Elder Bruce R. McConkie says, “Marry the right person [at the right time], in the right place, [and] by the right authority.” Though I don't really have any plans to get married any time soon it is nice to know that when that time comes I will hopefully feel that it will be under these four situations. I am really excited though to go through the temple in the next few years. Every since I have been little it has been something that I have been striving and preparing for. For now I guess I will just prepare and do my best to be worthy to enter that holy building!

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