Sunday, October 18, 2009

New year

Wow I can't believe that it is already almost the end of October. It seems just a few days ago that Dad was dropping me off in my new apartment. I have been enjoying my time here greatly, though things are much different from last year. First of all I get to cook my own food. I love this opportunity though I don't necessary cook many of my meals I love being able to choose what I eat. I also am buying all of my groceries so this helps me choose what I'm going to eat since I'm paying for it. I am also living in an apartment instead of just an old fashioned dorm plus with my RA position I get my own room. I love my roommates. They are way sweet and totally awesome. I really enjoy having members of the church as roommates. Second classes are a lot harder. Though I'll admit I don't think I have been studying any more. I am enjoying them though I feel like they are actually stuff that I will be doing in my career. Thirdly me ward is a whole lot more fun than last year. They are a lot more inclusive and willing to get to know more people than just their neighbors. So yep a lot of changes going on. however one thing has not changed I still love to go to all the games I can. I have been to both home football games and one volleyball game with many more to come hopefully. Some highlights have been I went to Bear lake over labor day weekend it was a lot of fun full of volleyball, water fun, and sand castle making. Homecoming was also lots of fun. I went to a lot of the events going on like donating blood, late night movie, the dance, painting the street and the game. I had a really good time.


Sterling, Wendy, Brooklyn, and Trevor said...

Who's the guy in the picture?

Doris said...

This was great, I want more pictures! Enjoy life and study hard and have fun, (can we do all those at once?)