Monday, November 9, 2009


Ah I don't think I could explain how satisfying my life is right now. I just hope it doesn't come crashing down on me anytime soon. So the last few weeks have been incredible. I have been doing better in the class (darn accounting) that I was struggling in (knock on wood). I am currently dating a boy named Jordan Morley. He always makes my day and we have all sorts of fun. I also have gotten a lot closer to my roommates. We have had some sweet bonding time and I look forward to the rest of the year to get to know them better. We have been baking together, drawing on our windows together, and doing random cartwheels together. We have also already started listening to Christmas music already though I think I can only handle it in spurts it is still pretty fun.
So here is a short summary of my last two weeks. So on the Friday before Halloween Jordan took me along with a lot of people in our apartment building to an Improve show in South Ogden. It was costumed so we got all dressed up like Harry Potter and Ginny Weasly wands and all. Kristen helped me make mine. Jordan had not been home in a while so afterwards he went home while I headed back up to Logan. On Halloween me and Sarah (one of my roommates) took a nice fall walk and then later met up with a group of girls in our building to have a scary movie marathon. We watched What lies beneath, The corps Bride, Serendipity(I know it's not a scary movie), and Hide and Seek (Crazy scary). It was way fun! The next Sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting which is always fun. The next weekend consisted of an IWA institute dance with Jordan. It was themed as I spy so we went as undercover college students very creative I know. We also watched Marley and Me...way cute btw. Saturday Emily(another roommate) and I went to the gym and then lunch at the cafeteria. We then cleaned up and went bowling with sarah, her friend, and Jordan. I'm not a good bowler at all but we had fun. We cam back and played apples to apples. That night an awesome basketball game. We killed the team but it was just an exposition game so the next few should be closer. Sunday consisted of church, community nap time, drawing on our window, and taking random pictures around campus. Followed by Emperors new grove and Hot Chocolate.

Its getting colder now but I feel so happy that it doesn't even matter!

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Sterling, Wendy, Brooklyn, and Trevor said...

Sounds like you are having tons of fun. Save some snow for us when we get there in a few weeks!