Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crazy times

This semester has gone a lot differently than last. First of all it is tons busier. I feel like I just keep running at a crazy passe. This could be due to my new calling as an IWA president. This makes my Wednesdays full of meetings and activities. As well as being called on to help with other stuff around the institute. Also my area at work has two giant programs coming up. Classes are picking up as well. But I guess I should expect that now. I think last semester just didn't seem as bad so it wasn't.

Anyway so the first weekend in February was the IWA spring formal. I took my friend Carlos who I go to all of the Basketball games with. It was his first LDS dance and from what I hear he had a pretty good time. We went to my adviser's house for a delicious dinner and then hit up the dance. We had a really good time that is for sure. I even learned some wicked sweet dance moves.

Also this past week I participated in a fundraiser for Haiti. We designed dares that we would do for each level of money that we made. One of these was if we could make 400 dollars all of the RA's in my area would get Saran wrapped between classes. WE cleared that goal by a good deal so on the 18th of February I was Saran wrapped for a good half hour. It was really fun. A wee bit cold but overall good. We got some strange looks from people but who really cares.

I have been doing all in my power to go to every single Aggie game. It is pretty exciting. We have had a lot of media attention which always gets me excited. We are number one in the WAC. I have high hopes for a third WAC championship. Hopefully this year we can make it past the first round in the NCAA tourney. I really just going to the games and being able to yell really loud. It is quite the stress reliever.

I also am proud to say that I have officially changed my major to Human Resource Management. I feel like I can be that much more successful in this major and I can't wait to get into some of the classes. Its gonna be SWEET!

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White's said...

yay for another post! Looks like you are having a blast. See you soon.