Thursday, February 12, 2009

February Fun

So this month proved to be quite exciting. With the continuing awesomeness of the Utah State Basketball team then games never seem to keep me down. I feel so special that my team is on the top 25 and has the longest winning streak in the nation. I go to every single game possible and even switched a ticket with a friend for a play that I have to go to for a class to make it to one of the games. When they appear on the television you can guarantee that I will be there watching it. I just hope that we can continue these on till the end of the season. March Maddness here I come.

I have also had the oportunity to get closer to a group of girls on my floor. The first weekend was a girls choice institute dance, we all asked guys and went as a giant group it was so much fun. It was also nice to go to a Utah dance it's been a long while since I've been to one of those. I took a kid that I knew I would have a lot of fun with from my ward. We had a good time and played some cool games afterward.

The rest of that weekend I hung out with my new group of friends and we built an awesome fort in our common room. We felt like little kids so we watched some little rascles in their. We used a christmas tree as a center piece and then designed the rest like a circus tent. Believe it or not it was quite roomy in there and we were able to fit a good number of people with no problems. Though it got a bit warm we still enjoyed it.

Later that day we went on an adventure through logan. It was like 55 degrees so we walked all over town like tourist. We were originally looking for a park but ended up just walking around. It still was way fun. Plus it was a wonderful day. That night we slept in our fort (at least till 3 when it got too hot). We had a little sleep over and talked till like 1:30 in tho morning.

School is going pretty good still. I seem to be doing ok in all my classes. I just have to keep on top of things. I beilive that once I make it through till spring break I'll be home free.
ok so I had some problems formating this but whatever!


Doris said...

Sounds fun! Glad to see an update!

Sterling, Wendy, and Brooklyn said...

Wish I still was in College. Go Aggies!!!!!!!!

White's said...

Looks like you are having a blast.