Friday, October 24, 2008


As it would seem the fall just keeps on progressing. For fall break I went up to yellowstone with a bunch of my friends. It was very nice to get out and see the sites and be involved in such a pretty place.I was able to make it to Old Faithful, Canyons, a bit of Madison guyser basin, and we drove around yellowstone lake. We camped in the campground by Lewis lake by the south entrance on SNOW! Yes we set up our tents on snow. But honestly no matter how cold it was we still had such an awsome time. On our way up we stopped at Bear lake to take pics and then at Jackson hole to look around and also drove through the tetons. They are so pretty all snowed over and beautiful. It was wonderful to be able to get to know some kids better and really be able to hang with some of my closer friends. I hope that I can have another fun adventure soon.

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Doris said...

Yellowstone brings such good memories to me! I am glad you had fun and that it was so beautiful with all the snow!