Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Start of Fall

So it seems odd that Fall is so short in Utah. I feel like such a loser with so many coats and scarves when it is only the middle of October. It shouldn't be snowing!! But even with the snow I am still doing well in classes. I am getting over whatever illness I had and so now I am just concentrating on my classes. Right now it seems like its not all that hard. I read and study a bit I think the key is to keep organized. As long as you know when papers are due you can schedule your time pretty effectively.
I have been having lots of fun with a bunch of my friends. We had a Juno party just recently and we all looked really fantastic pregnant. I really like being around them. I'm super excited for our Yellowstone trip coming up this weekend it should be pretty awesome, as long as we don't freeze our buts off I mean.
I am really enjoying school. I'm so glad that I choose usu. I expect even greater things coming up.

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Sterling, Wendy, and Brooklyn said...

Theresa, that picture is awful. Why on earth would you ever do that to yourselves. Oh to be in college again!!!!!!!!!!!!